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MB&B researchers uncover and overcome translational roadblocks as they engineer a synthetic tRNA.
September 21, 2022
Genetic recoding is a powerful tool to utilize non-canonical amino acids and create highly diverse proteins. Researchers in MB&B have been working on expanding the...
Malvankar Lab publishes on ultrafast electron transfer through nanowires of living biofilms
September 16, 2022
Members from the group of Nikhil Malvankar, Associate Professor of MB&B in the Microbial Sciences Institute, recently published results in Nature Communications which...
Wang and colleagues report the structure of the Human Polypyrimidine Splicing Factor (PSF) in complex with RNA
September 14, 2022
Jimin Wang and colleagues recently characterized the Human Polypyrimidine Splicing Factor (PSF/SFPQ), an important tumor suppressor protein and multifunctional protein that...