Resources for Postdocs

Below is a listing of Yale and external resources that can provide information on everything from working at Yale to living in New Haven.

Resources for Work, Academic, and Personal Life

Health Insurance

  • Health insurance benefits are available through Yale, based on your appointment status: fellow or associate. Fellow health benefits are different from those available to Yale Associates. A Yale Postdoctoral Fellow is a postdoc who has his/her own funding, such as a fellowship. If your fellowship does not include benefits, Yale offers health plans specifically for fellows .  Associates are postdocs whose salaries are paid directly by Yale, usually from funding sources of the postdoc’s faculty adviser. Associates are Yale employees, and thus eligible for benefits.


  • The Yale Off-Campus Housing Office has listings for area rentals. If you are accessing the listings from a computer outside Yale, you may need a user ID and password to access the listings. Please contact the Postdoc Office for to obtain these.

Living in New Haven


  • Free Yale shuttle services offer a convenient means of transportation across the New Haven area. Please visit the Yale Shuttle Services for more details.
  • Parking spaces are available on a limited basis. Contact the Yale University Parking Services for information on eligibility and availability.

Employment & Tax Information

Resources for International Students