MB&B Administration

Title Name Phone Email
Chairman Mark Hochstrasser 203-432-5593 mark.hochstrasser@yale.edu
Chair’s Assistant Tara Noël 203-432-5593 tara.noel@yale.edu
Director of Graduate Studies Yong Xiong 203-436-2608 yong.xiong@yale.edu
  • Graduate Registrar
Nessie Stewart 203-432-5662 nessie.stewart@yale.edu
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Karla Neugebauer (Fall)

Michael Koelle (Spring)



  • Undergraduate Registrar
Elizabeth Vellali 203-737-2060 MBBUndergrad@yale.edu
Director of Medical Studies Susan Baserga 203-785-4618 susan.baserga@yale.edu
Director of Graduate Admissions Christian Schlieker 203-432-5055 christian.schlieker@yale.edu
  • Graduate Registrar
Nessie Stewart 203-432-5662 nessie.stewart@yale.edu
Lead Administrator Carol MacLeman 203-432-0416 carol.macleman@yale.edu
Operations Manager, Science Hill/YSM Zaida Washington 203-432-5587 zaida.washington@yale.edu


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