Career Development for MB&B Postdocs

Postdocs sharing their academic job search experiences over lunch.

Many career development events and resources are available through the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs, the Office of Career Strategy, and the Center for Teaching and Learning. Postdocs also have access to Yale’s extensive alumni Career Network.

Fellowship Applications

Support for fellowship applications is provided by Yale’s Faculty Research Management Service and Office of Sponsored Projects. Please e-mail Andrea DeBenedet-Murgo (West Campus & Science Hill labs) or Kelly Snyder (Medical School labs) with a link to your fellowship and your contact info as soon as you know you will be applying for a fellowship. They will help you navigate the Yale system and assist with all the administrative aspects of fellowship applications. Your completed application must be sent to the Faculty Research Management Service at least one week prior to the due date of your fellowship.

A list of many available funding sources is available from the Fogarty International Center at NIH.

Career and Networking Events

The Biomedical Careers Committee holds a yearly fair featuring panels of Yale alumni from academia, the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, patent law, and other fields, as well as a networking event. Postdoctoral Affairs hosts a “Business of Biotech” seminar, and the Career Network for Student Scientists and Postdocs at Yale puts on a variety of events.

The recently formed MB&B Postdoc Group has hosted lunchtime panels on several topics including academic and industry job searches, and you can contact them to help coordinate practice job talks. They are also welcoming of new ideas to improve postdoc outcomes and quality of life, and are always looking for volunteers!