Postdoctoral Program Overview

Since its founding in 1969 as the product of a merger between the Biophysics program on the central campus and the Biochemistry department at the Yale School of Medicine, the MB&B department has taken a special interest in structure and function of biological molecules. We seek fundamental new insights into the ways in which living systems function and evolve at the molecular level. From the control of gene expression to signaling to the folding and handling of proteins and RNA, the department covers most of the key areas of modern biology. With its strong tradition in biophysics, the department maintains a sharp focus on molecular structure, but also demonstrates a broad interest in all aspects of biology at the molecular level. 

In addition to being on the faculty of Yale’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, MB&B department members have appointments at the Yale School of Medicine. This medical connection, which allows for collaborative research projects in human health, sets MB&B apart. Nearly a third of the department’s primary faculty are members of the National Academy of Sciences. In addition, five are investigators of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. 

Combined with the pleasantly surprising location of New Haven, Connecticut, the department offers an excellent research experience for postdoctoral fellows in a diverse, caring and cohesive community.