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Women make great mentors! (Fall, 2020)

Nature Communications published a paper last week that concluded ‘senior’ female scientists are less effective than their male counterparts at mentoring ‘junior’ female trainees.  This study has received much criticism from the broad scientific community for numerous methodological, data analysis and data interpretation flaws.   
In MB&B, we value the fundamental requirement in science that conclusions be supported by many studies, executed by multiple labs.  In the case of this particular paper, the conclusions are wholly at odds with decades of work and therefore it deserves a far greater level of scrutiny than the norm.  If you are interested in participating in this scrutiny, the journal provides a forum which is presently very active.
In the meantime, we will follow the overwhelming evidence in the literature and from our own personal experiences right here in MB&B.  Specifically, we have full confidence in our female faculty to mentor and train future scientists.   
Enrique M. De La Cruz, Chair
Andrew Miranker, DUS
Karla Neugebauer, DGS
Joan Steitz, Climate & Diversity Committee Chair


Affirming Black Lives like George Floyd (Spring, 2020)

The killing of George Floyd was murder. His death has catalyzed world events because of hundreds of years of chronic and pervasive abuse perpetrated against black and brown peoples.  It has no place in society and no place here. The Department of MB&B stands against racism and all forms of discrimination.

Enrique M. De La Cruz, Incoming Chair (as of 7/1/20)

Mark Hochstrasser, Outgoing Chair (as of 6/30/20)

Andrew Miranker, DUS

Karla Neugebauer, DGS

Joan Steitz,  Climate & Diversity Committee Chair

International students and postdocs in MB&B (Fall, 2016)

Science is a highly international endeavor in which researchers share results and ideas with colleagues and collaborators from all over the world. The progress of science is accelerated by the exposure to new information and diverse views, which seed discoveries. Scientific discovery benefits from the free exchange of ideas and people. The Department of Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics at Yale University is fortunate to have faculty, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who come from many different countries, and who embrace a broad range of cultures and religions. We hereby affirm our appreciation of the contributions of our international students and scholars to our research and teaching missions and put forth our continued commitment to welcoming students and scholars regardless of background.

Mark Hochstrasser, Chair of MB&B
on behalf of the MB&B faculty