Sigler Prize for Undergraduates

Paul Sigler, 1934-2000

Founded in 2001, by a friend and colleague, in memory of Paul Sigler, who was a distinguished member of the faculty in the Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry. Paul Sigler was one of the world’s leading structural biologists on the mechanisms by which gene expression is controlled, transmembrane signaling is accomplished, and correct folding of proteins is assisted by chaperonins. The Sigler Prize is awarded to a graduating Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry major who has demonstrated excellence in scholarship and research.

The recipients are:

2024 Tony Potchernikov and Lydia Tarekegn

2023 Eric Sun and Aarthi Vijayakumar

2022 Carlos Leche and Kendra Libby

2021 Dana Joseph and Guna Mandava

2020 Anna-Sophia Boguraev and Kimberly Wei

2019 Benjamin Koleske

2018 James Diao and Charlotte Herber

2017 Paul Chung & Laura Goetz

2016 Charlie Kinzig

2015 Maria Christina Passarelli

2014 Connie Zhao

2013 Max Valenstein and Jonathan Liang

2012 Durga Thakral

2011 Eugene Serebryany and Julia Rogers

2010 Susan Scanlon

2009 Valerie Gordon

2008 Bennett Harrison Lane and Aaron Michael Ring

2007 David Weinberg and Rebecca Voorhees

2006 Eleanor Marshall

2005 Sara Koenig

2004 Srinivas Viswanathan

2003 Ruey Ho and Michael Gong

2002 Stanley Lo

2001 Yoomi Lee