Peer Mentors

A set of four junior and senior MB&B majors serve as peer mentors for students who are considering or entering the MB&B major.  Peer mentors can give fellow students a sense of the experience of majoring in MB&B and practical advice on navigating the requirements and electives in our program. Peer mentors offer advice on which classes to take, experiences to consider and anything pertaining to the major. They can provide advice on how to take advantage of the many academic resources available to you, such as peer tutors, college tutors, teaching fellows, faculty office hours, etc.  Peer mentors also host informal community-building get-togethers in the department for prospective and current majors.  If you have not yet declared an MB&B major and want to be invited to these events, please email

            Please note that peer mentors supplement the MB&B faculty academic advisors.  You should meet one of the faculty advisors to discuss details of the MB&B degree requirements, to get your schedule or other official forms signed, and to get faculty-level advice on things like setting up an independent research experience, planning a scientific career, etc.

Peer tutors for 2018-2019 are:

Brennan Carman,, Class of 2020, Grace Hopper College

Brennan’s interests lie primarily within biophysics and biostatistics, and his research experiences have focused upon imaging single-molecule events. He is also passionate about science education and outreach in New Haven. 

Anna-Sophia Boguraev,, Class of 2020, Grace Hopper College

Anna-Sophia is a pre-med student working towards applying for an MD/PhD. She is currently doing research in the DiMaio Lab as well as serving as one of the co-presidents of the Yale Undergraduate Research Association. She’s also earning a double major in English, and she is interested in synthetic biology and bioengineering, particularly as a means of enabling human space exploration.  

Chaney Kalinich,, Class of 2019, Davenport College

Chaney is a premedical student working in Dr. Brett Lindenbach’s lab, is interested in microbial pathogenesis of infectious disease, and is studying Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases as part of Yale’s Accelerated BS/MPH program. Outside of academics, she is a goalkeeper for Yale’s Varsity field hockey team as well as the Puerto Rican National team, volunteers as a member of the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children, and loves to be involved in Davenport College events and IMs.

Arvind Venkataraman,, Class of 2019, Ezra Stiles College

Arvind is a senior studying MB&B and Global Health Studies. He is interested in the application of biochemistry principles to immunology and human health, and works in the lab of Dr. Akiko Iwasaki at the Medical School. He believes deeply in the importance of translational and community-based participatory research. On campus, he performs with the Yale Symphony Orchestra, works as an aide in Ezra Stiles College, and is a FOOT leader.