Programs of Study & Requirements

The programs offered by the Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry are planned for students interested in the molecular and chemical basis of biological processes and are well suited to students hoping to attend medical school or pursue graduate studies in biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, or biophysics. The B.S. major, designed for those with a strong commitment to research, provides an intensive introduction to laboratory techniques in biochemistry and biophysics. Students in this program usually carry out research projects in faculty laboratories during their junior and senior years. The B.A. major provides the intellectual discipline of biochemistry and biophysics for students who also wish to have sufficient time to pursue in-depth studies outside the major or who are interested in molecular biology as a liberal education; they, too, may engage in research during their junior and senior years.

Concentrations offered in MB&B

A spreadsheet with the various concentrations MB&B offers and the pathways to achieve the concentrations are located here

Students can now declare/change their concentrations themselves using the Declare Major page in Yale Hub.

Requirements for Graduating with Distinction in the Major

As described in the Yale College Programs of Study, graduation with distinction in the major requires that students earn an A or A- in 3/4 of the credits taken for the major. This includes all courses required for the major (including math, physics, chemistry, biology), not just courses from the MB&B department. Grades of F are included as non-A grades. Courses for which AP credits are received are not included in the calculation. Students must also receive an A or A- in the senior project course, MB&B 490b. In addition to the preceding rules established by Yale College, the MB&B department requires students receive A or A- in  MB&B core courses: MB&B 300a and 301b.

The menu links to the left contain the specific requirements for each MB&B undergraduate degree program.