2019-20 Outstanding Teaching Fellows Awards to Nick, Marisa, Seth, Sarah and Vishok!

Sarah Prophet, Nick Huston, Marisa Michalchik, Seth Lyon, Vishok Srikanth
September 10, 2020

The 2019-20 Awards for Outstanding Teaching Fellows in MB&B have been announced by the Graduate Education Committee! Each year, instructors in MB&B course submit their nominations, lauding exceptional performance and dedication in teaching. Congratulations to the five recipients this year: Nicholas Huston (MB&B 301), Marisa Michalchik (MB&B 251L), Seth Lyon (MB&B 251L), Sarah Prophet (MB&B 443/743), and Vishok Srikanth (MB&B 435/635). MB&B thanks you all for your excellent teaching skills in the classroom, your teamwork, and your support of students and faculty. A standing ovation to all of you!