MB&B Professor Lilian Kabeche featured in Nature Communications Biology Interview

MB&B Professor Lilian Kabeche
July 25, 2022

Nature Communications recently published an interview with MB&B Assistant Professor Lilian Kabeche. The article, titled “Constant learning - an interview with Lilian Kabeche on setting up an inclusive and welcoming Lab,” focuses on her career path and approach to mentoring.

Dr. Kabeche joined the MB&B Department in 2019 following a Ph.D. with Duane Compton at Dartmouth College and a postdoctoral fellowship in the lab of Lee Zou at Harvard Medical School. Her research focuses on cell cycle checkpoints, particularly chromosomal instability and the DNA damage response.

In her interview, Dr. Kabeche discusses her scientific background, career trajectory, and research goals. Regarding her role as a mentor and leader in the research community, Dr. Kabeche emphasizes the need for concrete steps and frequent reevaluations toward achieving diversity in a field often dominated by uniformity.

“We have an open dialogue about this and really try to put into action how much we value inclusivity and equitability,” Dr. Kabeche said about her lab. “It’s not enough to have one set of sweeping changes and then call it a day.”

The full interview – including interesting facts – can be found at Nature Communications Biology Q&A articles: https://www.nature.com/articles/s42003-022-03599-z .

By Brigitte Naughton