Susan Baserga Profiled in the RNA Society’s “Member Spotlight Series”

September 23, 2019

by Nakeirah Christie

Congratulations to MBB Professor Susan Baserga, MD, PhD, on her recent profile in the RNA Society’s “Member Spotlight Series,” which seeks to recognize the extraordinary accomplishment of its members. Baserga’s profile, written by Homa Ghalei, summarizes Baserga’s impressive academic training beginning as an MD/PhD,through her postdoctoral position with Joan Steitz, and her beginnings as an independent investigator. She describes the current interests of her lab, including ribosome biogenesis, ribosomopathies with an emphasis on craniofacial development, and a recent interest in Fanconi anemia. The article also goes on to describe her dedication to the scientific community through efforts including policy, education, and outreach, along with advice for trainees. Check out the full article at and congrats again to Susan Baserga!