Jeffery Tharp, PhD awarded a Pathway to Independence Award (K99/R00) from the NIH

Jeffery Tharp
September 16, 2021

An MB&B postdoc, Jeffery Tharp, PhD, has been awarded a Pathway to Independence Award (K99/R00) from the NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences. Dr. Tharp is a postdoc is a current postdoc in the Söll lab. Pathway to independence awards are given to talented new investigators and aims to support these outstanding postdoctoral researchers in launching their independent research careers.

Dr. Tharp obtained his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, with a concentration in Biochemistry from Indiana State University in Terre Haute, and he received his PhD in Chemistry from Texas A&M. His research uses tools of genetic code expansion, the creation of non-canonical amino acids, to make advances in three areas: phage-assisted evolution, genetic code reprogramming, and genetically encoded materials. Visit his website to learn more about his research:

Congratulations, Dr. Tharp!

By Jake Thrasher