Multiple MB&B Scientists Receive RNA Society Travel Awards to Attend 2022 Conference

June 7, 2022

Multiple MB&B students and post docs were awarded 2022 RNA Society Travel Awards to attend the 27th annual RNA Society Meeting this June in Boulder Colorado. The conference runs in-person May 31st to June 5th.  The RNA society is an international scientific society with 1,800+ members devoted to fostering research and education in RNA sciences. The society host a peer-reviewed scientific journal, RNA, and an annual conference while also sponsoring other RNA-related scientific conferences.

Yale MB&B will be thoroughly represented at this conference with various faculty, post docs, and trainees presenting posters, giving talks, and participating this event. The following students from the department were awarded travel grants to present their work at this conference:

Kathryn Barth (PhD Candidate, Strobel lab): Sequence elements responsible for ligand specificity and recognition by the ykkC family of riboswitches

Kevin Chung (PhD Candidate, Pyle lab): CryoEM Structures of a Mobile Intron Retroelement Poised to Attack

Ritam Neupane (Post Doc, Gilbert lab): Dissecting translation initiation factor binding using high throughput approaches reveals novel regulatory elements in 5′-UTRs  

Annsea Park (MD/PhD candidate, Steitz lab): Neuronal readthrough transcripts in the surveillance of retroelements

Seyed Torabi (Post Doc, Steitz lab): Revealing unexpected RNA interactions required for 3ʹ-end maturation and for subsequent stabilization of MALAT1 lncRNA 

Dasha Zigackova (Post Doc, Neugebauer lab): Does all-or-none β-globin pre-mRNA processing depend on the chromatin context?

Congratulations to these fabulous scientists for receiving these travel awards!

By Jake Thrasher