Paulsen presented with 2021 Poorvu Family Academic Innovation Award

November 15, 2021

Congratulations to Dr. Candie Paulsen, Ph.D for being selected as a 2021 recipient of the Poorvu Family Fund for Academic Innovation award. Administered by the Yale College Dean’s Office and established by the Poorvu family, this award is given to outstanding untenured faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in teaching in interdisciplinary undergraduate programs. Not only does this award honor the work these junior faculty have put into their teaching, but also comes with a research fund which allows them to focus on research during the summer months.

Paulsen was selected for this award based on her accomplishments in research, teaching, and mentoring and an endorsement from the chair of MB&B. The Paulsen lab studies sensory ion channels involved in pain reception such as TRPV1, the “capsaicin receptor,” and TRPA1, the “wasabi receptor.” Understanding the molecular mechanisms of pain will aid in the discovery of new pain-managing drugs that are more effective and free of the risks associated with opioid pain medications. The research fund will support her lab during the summer months. Paulsen’s research and dedication to teaching are greatly appreciated by MB&B, and we congratulate her on this honor!

By Jake Thrasher