Lisa Adams's picture
Lisa Adams

Faculty Support, DGS Aide

Barbara Amendola's picture
Barbara Amendola

Director, Finance & Administration - MB&B and MCDB

Amy Badner's picture
Amy Badner

Sr Admin Asst West Campus Admin

Jodi Bresnan's picture
Jodi Bresnan

BQBS Track Graduate Registrar

Michelle Cegelka's picture
Michelle Cegelka

MB&B Graduate Registrar

Kayan Fairweather's picture
Kayan Fairweather

Financial Assistant

Jeff Frentress's picture
Jeff Frentress

Financial Assistant

Elaine Kupec's picture
Elaine Kupec

Faculty Support: Yale Cancer Biology Institute

Carol Martin's picture
Carol Martin

Faculty Support, Retreat Coordinator

Angela Miccinello's picture
Angela Miccinello

Faculty Support

Laura Miller's picture
Laura Miller

Faculty Support: Institute of Biomolecular Design & Discovery

Karen Parent's picture
Karen Parent

Financial Assistant

Vincent Savo's picture
Vincent Savo

Senior Administrative Assistant

Jasmine Scales's picture
Jasmine Scales

Faculty Support Assistant | Communications assistant

Lisa Serman's picture
Lisa Serman

Faculty Support, Seminar Program Coordinator

Lillian Smith's picture
Lillian Smith

Faculty Support: Microbial Sciences Institute

Amber Thammavongsa's picture
Amber Thammavongsa

Faculty Support

Liz Vellali's picture
Liz Vellali

Undergraduate Registrar

Zaida Washington's picture
Zaida Washington

Operations Manager