Lisa Adams's picture
Lisa Adams

Faculty Support, DGS Aide

Sarah Auddino's picture
Sarah Auddino

Faculty Support, Web & Social Media Assistant

Michelle Cegelka's picture
Michelle Cegelka

MB&B Graduate Registrar

Kayan Fairweather's picture
Kayan Fairweather

Financial Assistant

Jeff Frentress's picture
Jeff Frentress

Financial Assistant

Lori Iannicelli's picture
Lori Iannicelli

Faculty Support

Kristin Kampp's picture
Kristin Kampp

BQBS Track Registrar

Elaine Kupec's picture
Elaine Kupec

Faculty Support: Yale Cancer Biology Institute

Carol MacLeman's picture
Carol MacLeman

Lead Administrator

Paula Maher-Rivera's picture
Paula Maher-Rivera

Faculty Support: Institute of Biomolecular Design & Discovery

Michelle Markey's picture
Michelle Markey

Faculty Support: Nanobiology Institute

Carol Martin's picture
Carol Martin

Faculty Support, Retreat Coordinator

Angela Miccinello's picture
Angela Miccinello

Faculty Support

Laura Miller's picture
Laura Miller

Faculty Support: Institute of Biomolecular Design & Discovery

Tara Noel's picture
Tara Noel

Faculty and Academic Support Manager - Chairs Assistant - Notary Public

Karen Parent's picture
Karen Parent

Financial Assistant

Lisa Serman's picture
Lisa Serman

Faculty Support, Seminar Program Coordinator

Lillian Smith's picture
Lillian Smith

Faculty Support: Microbial Sciences Institute

Amber Thammavongsa's picture
Amber Thammavongsa

Faculty Support

Liz Vellali's picture
Liz Vellali

Undergraduate Registrar

Zaida Washington's picture
Zaida Washington

Operations Manager