Lisa Adams's picture
Lisa Adams

Faculty Support Assistant

Barbara Amendola's picture
Barbara Amendola

Director, Finance & Administration - MB&B and MCDB

Amy Badner's picture
Amy Badner

Sr Admin Asst West Campus Admin

Melanie Borsari's picture
Melanie Borsari

Admin Services Supervisor & Facilities Manager

Michelle Cegelka's picture
Michelle Cegelka

MB&B Graduate Registrar

Kayan Fairweather's picture
Kayan Fairweather

Financial Assistant

Jeff Frentress's picture
Jeff Frentress

Financial Assistant

CC Hayden's picture
CC Hayden

Faculty Support Assistant

Therese Lytle's picture
Therese Lytle

Faculty Support Assistant

Carol Martin's picture
Carol Martin

Faculty Support, Retreat Coordinator

Angela Miccinello's picture
Angela Miccinello

Faculty Support

Laura Miller's picture
Laura Miller

Faculty Support: Institute of Biomolecular Design & Discovery

Karen Parent's picture
Karen Parent

Financial Assistant

Deana Ralston's picture
Deana Ralston

BQBS Track Graduate Registrar

Vincent Savo's picture
Vincent Savo

Senior Administrative Assistant

Lisa Serman's picture
Lisa Serman

Chair’s Assistant and Comm.

Lillian Smith's picture
Lillian Smith

Faculty Support: Microbial Sciences Institute

Vicki Sokoloski's picture
Vicki Sokoloski

Faculty Support Assistant

Amber Thammavongsa's picture
Amber Thammavongsa

Faculty Support Assistant

Liz Vellali's picture
Liz Vellali

Undergraduate Registrar

Zaida Washington's picture
Zaida Washington

Operations Manager